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Congratulations! You've arrived at Man-School.com.We're a site dedicated to helping men who lack the skills their grandfathers had.

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Do you know how to

Brew Beer - Sure, we can all drink it but, what if you had to make your own?
Gut and skin a deer or elk - "Pre-Grill" if you will.
Defend yourself - What if Ninja's invaded your home? What would you do?
Change the oil in your truck - Do you really want some kid under your hood?
Capture venomous reptiles - Hey you can't just have them run loose, right?
Avoid being a "metrosexual"- Metrosexual? Get a life, really. Try barber college.
Stop profuse bleeding - You can only loose so much blood.

Learn these skills and much, much more here at Man-School.com. Check out our locally acclaimed Blog. It's updated on bad weather days when hunting season is over. Voice your concerns on the blog, like we care.

We all know that guy, the guy who askes to borrow a pair of pliers, the guy driving that Neon, the guy who thinks he's a wizard on D & D and lives in Sim City. Here's your chance to School'em. Send them to Man-School.com!

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